• taizhun spray truck

    four-wheel drive, foru-wheel steering , 50 horsepower , adjustable wheelbase from 1500mm-2100mm , potion tank capacity 700l,ground height1 10cm , spray eidth 14 meters, water outlet pressure up to 15 kg, patented water separator,patented indepebdebt type pump drive

  • Full-face sprayer

    our-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, 50 horsepower, 1500mm-2100mm adjustable track, medicine tank capacity 700L, ground height 110 cm, spray width 14 meters, water pressure up to 15 kg, patented water separator, patented Independent stone pump drive

  • Hanwo 1504 tractor

    The Hanwo 1504 tractor has a dynamic and domineering appearance, and a stylish and tough appearance keeps pace with the times. In particular, the color of the car body has undergone great changes and is quite distinctive. The new Hanwo 1504 tractor is equipped with automotive-grade interiors; fully-sealed heating and cooling air-conditioned cab, four-point suspension damping, low vibration and good mute effect; effectively avoiding exhaust gas, dust, noise to the drive

  • Hanwo TS2304 tractor

    Hanwo TS2304 tractor is equipped with the latest SC7H series engine developed by Shangchai. It is a new generation of four-valve engine built by Shangchai Power in accordance with SAICMOTOR standards. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong power, reliability and durability. Compared with products, the advantages of high torque reserve coefficient, good low temperature starting performance, low fuel consumption, low vibration and noise are popular in the agricultural machinery market.

  • 桿噴霧

    Price NT$ 75,000


  • bridge builder

    Price NT$ 88,000

    The use of the special trenching and ridge construction machine for paddy fields has good social benefits. Mechanical construction of ridges instead of artificial ridges solves the contradictions of difficult employment, high labor costs, older age groups, prominent safety hazards, high labor intensity, and low efficiency in agricultural production. At the same time, it provides a strong guarantee for the timely completion of agricultural production. It makes the whole process of mechanization of land preparation and ridge construction a reality, which is of great practical significance to the development of agricultural mechanization in my country.

  • 耕犁

    Price NT$ 150,000


  • disc plow

    Price NT$ 150,000

    The disc plow is matched with the three-point suspension connection of the tractor. During operation, the plow blade rotates to plow and turn the soil. It is suitable for the weeds on the mature land and wasteland in dry farming areas. The stems are upright and the soil specific resistance is relatively large. , There are complex farmland ploughing operations such as bricks and stones fragments in the soil. It has the characteristics of no entanglement of grass, no blockage, no soil retention, capable of cutting crop stems and masonry pieces that overcome the soil, high working efficiency, good working quality, convenient adjustment, simple and durable, etc.

  • laser leveler

    Price NT$ 250,000

    The height of the farmland is measured by the laser light, and the height of the surface elevation is drawn by collecting the ground height difference data, and the height of the scraper of the laser leveler is automatically controlled by the laser light emission, and the soil of the high ground is moved to the low area. , Achieve leveling of farmland. If the flatness of the field gets worse, a considerable amount of irrigation water must be used to make the higher part of the soil have sufficient flooding height, which may not be beneficial to crop production, and it will also waste the time for farmers to wait for the field to fill up. If groundwater is pumped for irrigation, It is a waste of a lot of electricity bills.