disc plow3

disc plow

The disc plow is matched with the three-point suspension connection of the tractor. During operation, the plow blade rotates to plow and turn the soil. It is suitable for the weeds on the mature land and wasteland in dry farming areas. The stems are upright and the soil specific resistance is relatively large. , There are complex farmland ploughing operations such as bricks and stones fragments in the soil. It has the characteristics of no entanglement of grass, no blockage, no soil retention, capable of cutting crop stems and masonry pieces that overcome the soil, high working efficiency, good working quality, convenient adjustment, simple and durable, etc.

Price NT$ 150,000

A cultivating machine with a disc plough body as a working part. The disc is usually a part of a hollow spherical surface, the edge of which is sharpened to cut the grass and enter the soil. The disc is separately supported on the bearing of the plough column. The disc surface is at an angle to the forward direction and the vertical direction, which is called the deflection angle. α and the inclination angle β. Generally, there are 3 to 6 disc plow bodies on standard disc plows. When working, the unit advances, the disc rolls and cuts into the soil, and the soil rises along the concave surface of the disc, and at the same time, with the cooperation of the scraper, the soil is turned and broken. Disc plough is suitable for heavy, dry, hard, rocky, and multi-rooted soil; it does not require frequent sharpening and replacement, low maintenance costs, and does not form a solid trench bottom. Although the stubble coverage is not complete, it is beneficial to prevent water loss in dry land and return to salt in saline-alkali land.