• Hanwo 1504 tractor

    The Hanwo 1504 tractor has a dynamic and domineering appearance, and a stylish and tough appearance keeps pace with the times. In particular, the color of the car body has undergone great changes and is quite distinctive. The new Hanwo 1504 tractor is equipped with automotive-grade interiors; fully-sealed heating and cooling air-conditioned cab, four-point suspension damping, low vibration and good mute effect; effectively avoiding exhaust gas, dust, noise to the drive

  • Hanwo TS2304 tractor

    Hanwo TS2304 tractor is equipped with the latest SC7H series engine developed by Shangchai. It is a new generation of four-valve engine built by Shangchai Power in accordance with SAICMOTOR standards. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, strong power, reliability and durability. Compared with products, the advantages of high torque reserve coefficient, good low temperature starting performance, low fuel consumption, low vibration and noise are popular in the agricultural machinery market.